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Every mother deserves
to thrive



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Our mothers teach us to love, be kind to others, and participate as citizens in this world. But not everyone experiences motherhood equitably.

Marin Community Foundation aims to change this with its new Guaranteed Income pilot, MOMentum, which currently centers on the life and stories of its special group of 125 mothers.

kin•dred gives you a glimpse into the hearts and minds of these amazing mothers that live in Marin County, California. We curated snippets extracted from one-on-one phone interviews with them, and invite you to learn about their stories of perseverance, sacrifice, and brilliance.

We champion mothers, from all walks of life, who deserve to be seen and supported.

View Their Stories

Mothers are the backbone of our society. Invest in their stories, especially ones that need our support.

Whether feeding their children; protecting them; loving them, or helping them to connect to the world around them — all mothers deserve the opportunity to be self-sufficient in building a strong foundation and support system for their families. This holds especially true for those who society often, consciously and unconsciously, overlooks and deems as unworthy.

kin•dred is a response to the unfair and tone-deaf myths that plague GI programs, which oftentimes centers money in discourse, versus the lives and unique challenges of its participants. As a newly piloted GI, MOMentum focuses resources to better equip mothers to thrive, beyond fighting for a chance to merely survive.

Kin∙dred is powered by MOMentum, a Guaranteed Income pilot that aims to level the playing field for Moms of color in need, and help them access the support they deserve equitably. 

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