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Her Greatest Fears

A few of our mothers opened up and got vulnerable about what scares them the most. Some were afraid of being alone; some were afraid of failing their children. These fears are common and relatable but imagine dealing with these feelings on top of the existential crisis of surviving in a world that consistently overlooks their needs.

Mothers are the backbone of our society. Invest in their stories, especially ones that need our support.



My biggest fear is like, to grow old.[unintelligible] The day my children aren't with me. Growing old, because I’m not a resident, and maybe having to go back to the country where I'm from by myself, that's my fear. Sometimes I also feel fear, like I just lost my parents, and I won’t see them again because I can't travel, and since I've been here I haven't seen them. I haven't gone back to see my mom or my dad, so sometimes it's, not fear, but like, I don't know, like sadness maybe.

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