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Her Dreams

Many mothers pause their dreams and aspirations to nurture the dreams of others as they raise their families. And so many children can speak to the dreams deferred by their mothers.

Mothers are the backbone of our society. Invest in their stories, especially ones that need our support.


Tiempo Para Mi Misma

Time for myself? No, I don’t really have that. No. Honestly, I don’t really have time for myself. I would really like to have more time to cook, because sometimes I’m rushing with everything. I’d like that a lot. I like to run. It’s a habit I’ve always liked a lot, but I don't do it because of bad weather, or rather sometimes I do. I like to run, but calmly. I run, but with a kind of desperation. I only have ten of fifteen minutes to go out. No, I don’t enjoy it, I just do it and it doesn’t help me. So I’d like to have time for that. I’d also like to have time to study. I’d like to learn the language. I’d also like to learn how to cut hair, color hair, how to do nails, things like that. I’d like to take a course. Truly, everything interests me. I like to cook, I like to bake cakes, I like to do it but don’t know how. And I’d like to have time to keep learning new things.

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